Finally... an extremely cost effective high quality GPS/GSM tracking system for vehicles.

Track your vehicle(s) using your mobile phone and the Internet, no control centre, no dedicated software and no monthly contract to contend with.  Uses include location of stolen or broken down vehicles, fleet use or simply “where’s that vehicle”. Text the tracker with a command and password and it will text back with the coordinates, enter them in to Google maps and locate your vehicle - it's that eazy - all for the cost of the texts.  For both 12V/24V and only 2 wires to install.

In the box:
Main module
Wiring harness (2 wires with fuse)
Dual colour status LED (plug in easy mount type)
GSM antenna (screw in short stubby type)
GPS antenna (plug in small on or under dashboard type)
Battery back-up case (plug in) requires 6 x AA batteries (not supplied)
Fitting ancillaries
Pay as you go SIM card for UK customers (requires activation and credit)
Clear and concise operating/installation instructions
18 channel GPS correlator
8192 search bins with GPS acquisition accelerator
Accuracy:  2.5M CEP (stand-alone, S/A off)
Time to tracking fix:  Approximately 60s 
Acquisition sensitivity:  -142 dBm
Tracking sensitivity:  -158 dBm
Power consumption:  Approximately 10mA
Suitable for 12V and 24V vehicles
Dimensions (main module) 26H x 83L x 87W (mm)
CE and WEEE compliant

Frequently asked questions:

QCan I check my vehicle location from any computer?

A:  Yes, with the coordinates received by your mobile phone you can check your vehicle location from any computer in the world with Internet access and Google maps (no download or special software required).

Q:  Can I track more than one vehicle from my mobile phone?

A:  Yes, any number of vehicles.  Just select the tracker's number you want to track from your mobile phone contacts list.

Q:  Does the tracker remain connected to the GSM network at all times?

A:  Yes, the tracker is always connected.  The only time the tracker is not connected to the network is when there is no cellular coverage or the power is disconnected.

Q:  What happens if the vehicle battery is disconnected?

A:  The tracker will automatically text your mobile with WARNING - VEHICLE BATTERY LOW, provided the battery back-up is connected and the batteries are in good order.

Q:  What happens if the back-up battery is disconnected?

A:  The tracker will automatically text your mobile with WARNING - BACK-UP BATTERY LOW, provided the vehicle battery is connected.

Q:  If the status LED light is solid Red, what does this mean?

A:  It indicates that there is no cellular coverage at your location and is a warning that text messages cannot be sent or received.

Q:  If the status LED light is solid Green, what does this mean?

A:  It indicates that the system is searching for a GPS signal.

Q:  Can the tracker send text messages to more than one mobile phone?

A:  No, it is dedicated to send messages to just one mobile phone.  You can easily change which mobile phone receives the messages.

Q:  What happens if someone calls the tracker by mistake (voice or text)?

A:  Nothing, the tracker ignores voice calls and all text messages not commencing with your password.

Q:  Do pre-pay SIM cards have to be removed from the tracker to top up for credit?

A:  Generally speaking no, but check with your SIM card supplier.  Some card suppliers offer auto-pay which automatically tops up the card when it drops below a minimum value (check with your card supplier).

Q:  What happens if my pre-pay SIM card has no credit remaining?

A:  The tracker will not send messages - of any type.

Q:  Can the GPS antenna and status LED be hidden out of sight?

A:  For optimum accuracy the GPS antenna is best on top of the dashboard with clear line of sight with the sky.  However, it could be installed underneath the dashboard as long as it is not obstructed or close to any metal that may shield the satellite signals - this could affect positional accuracy by several metres so it is recommended to try various mounting positions for best results. The LED is also a useful deterrent as well as a GSM/GPS status indicator but you may choose to hide it after installation if you don't want the tracker's presence to be known.

Q Does the weather affect GPS operation?

A:  GPS systems are able to overcome most weather problems but heavily overcast skies, solar activity, earth rotation, atmospheric density, building reflections etc can affect positional accuracy.

Q:  Will the tracker flatten my vehicle battery?

A:  The tracker nominally consumes only 10mA and a battery in good fully charged condition is not affected under normal vehicle usage.  The tracker will automatically text your mobile to advise if the vehicle battery or battery back-up becomes low.